TESS - house & waacking workshop

2011/05/13 17:00
2011/05/13 20:15

Tess (Beat Up, Czech Republic) 2011. május 13. (péntek)

17:00 (90 perc) house workshop online jelentkezés

18:45 (90 perc) waacking workshop online jelentkezés

Helyszín: Urban Dance Studio (1132 Budapest Visegrádi u. 29.)

Részvételi díj: 2000 Ft / class (90 perc)

FIGYELEM! A workshopora online jelentkezés szükséges az urbandancestudio.hu oldalon!

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Resident of Beat Up Studio in Brno/Ostrava, co-organiser of SDK.EUROPE.

Started with ballet in early age and 8 years ago started to learn street dance. In the past few years she got in the top of czech dancers due to her very 'personal' choregraphies and style she developed over the years. She specializes in Hip Hop, House dance, Waackin' and Progressive style and her classes are full of energy and love for dance. Traveling and learning process always keeps her motivated and her goal is to share this with the dance community all over the world. She has been studying all over the Europe and NYC. She has been teaching Waackin' in Studio 68 in London.

Among her credits is winning many national battles in hip hop and house and was one of the first to teach Waackin' to Czech republic. She also represented Czech republic on SDK.EUROPE battles and abroad (London, Paris,Germany etc.)