Popping workshop - Pop-I

2012/05/06 15:00
2012/05/06 21:00
Popping workshop - POP-I

dátum: 2012. május 6. 15:00-18:30

helyszín: Urban Dance Studio 1132 Budapest Visegrádi u. 29.

oktató: POP-I (NL, Pop'arazzi Crew)


15:00-16:30 popping basic's

17:00-18:30 popping masterclass

A részvételhez online jelentkezés szükséges: www.urbandancestudio.hu/workshop

A foglalkozások 90 percesek! :)

Részvételi díj: 1 workshop 3000 Ft, 2 workshop 5000 Ft

A résztvevők számára a Coca-Cola Testébresztő biztosít frissítő italokat.

BREAKING NEWS!!! A popping workshop után 1vs1 POPPING BATTLE lesz a stUDioban, de csak azok indulhatnak, akik a workshopon is résztvettek! ;)

A párbajra nézőnek is lehet jönni, arra külön belépő nincs, nevezés a helyszínen!

Zsűri: Pop-I (Pop'arazzi Crew, NL)

Dj: Lil' Matt (UD Crew)



"Student of Hitmaster Fish”.....
"Specialist of Animation Style”...

Gilbriano, better known as POP-I, has been dancing for several years and his main passion is a specific style called popping!
At first he got inspired and trained by an old school dancer LLoyd Marengo, one of the founders of HipHopHuis Rotterdam, who's well known for his dancing and choreographies in the Netherlands. POP-I still considers him as his main mentor. After a few years of dancing Popping, POP-I started to make marks nationally in battles, dancing in shows, TV programs. These events helped him to be better known by dancers who started to came to him and ask information and tips to learn about popping which evolved into teaching classes and doing workshops. POP-I did a lot of research about teaching and the style itself and he uses all this knowledge to teach the best way he can!

POP-I is the member of The Pop'arazzi crew which was a popping crew at the beginning but now an all style crew. The crew gradually became a professional, established crew with different specialties like doing shows, teaching, choreographing, judging, producing music etc.

OG.Hitmaster Fish G-Style had a big influence on POP-I style who made his eyes got more open than ever before and inspired him on a whole new level. POP-I started to train with him few years ago, learned a whole new perspective about popping and about systems to teach himself and others. As he says: “My popping style changed for the better and will always be in development due to all the dancers I have met throughout the years from the Netherlands, France UK, U.S., my mentors LLoyd and Hitmaster Fish and off course Pop'arazzi crew!”


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