Iron Monkey - B-boying workshop

2012/08/31 19:00
2012/08/31 20:30

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Iron Monkey - B-boying workshop

Dátum: 2012. augusztus 31. 19:00

Részvételi díj: 3500 Ft (90 perc)

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Helyszín: Urban Dance Studio - 1132 Budapest Visegrádi u. 29.


Iron Monkey (USA, Renegade Rockers)

Shawn Hallman better known as Iron Monkey (Shawn Supreme) is a legendary breakdancer from the Renegades Crew. He has earned his reputation as a legendary Bboy/ master performer and is sougt after for his artistic talents world-wide. Orginally from Alabama, Iron Monkey has been a mainstay in the breaking scene for the past two decades. Iron Monkey was first introduced to breaking at his San Die
go junior highschool in 1992, where he was captivated by a performance from legendary West Coast Bboys Barmack and Bboy Ivan. Under their teaching and guidance, Iron Monkey quickly progressed to become one of the most greatest Bboys of all time.

Iron Monkey is an inovator of power moves and known for his speed, agility and swift dynamic style. He has won many top international bboy battles such as Battle of the Year, Rock Force VS the Family (first IBE!), Bboy Masters Pro AM and Freestyle Sessions to name a few. He has toured with legendary Hip Hop pioneers such as KRS-1 and Kurtis Blow and was a member of the infamous Tribal Bboy Team and is a member of the legendary Renegade Rockers Crew. In 2004 Iron Monkey was selected to participate in Red Bull BC1 in Switzerland. Red Bull BC1 praised him by stating that he has a “complete style with top rock, footwork, and blazing power“.

Today Iron Monkey is a household name among bboys worldwide. He currently lives in San Francisco, California. When he is not in the circle, he spends his time bringing his skills as a Bboy and performer to other audiences through teaching dance and acrobatics to youth.


2012 Winner Free state 2th Anniversary
2012 Who can roast the most - Exhibition Battle vs Kirk
2012 Winner Feeling the Funk
2012 Winner Occupy 89.5
2012 Winner Famin Bboy Battle
2012 Winner Bboy Massarce west coast
2012 Winner of Ollay Battle

2011 Finals Freestyle Session
2011 Winner Funky Fresh Dance Jam
2011 Finals Jammin on beat
2011 Winner R16 Shark Tank
2011 Winner Bboy Massacre West Coast Prelim
2011 Winner Battle Born 5th Anniversary Las Vegas
2011 Winner Cypher Cup Santa Clara
2011 Pre-Finals 2 G's for two G's
2010 Exhibiton Balltle vs Twixx - World of Dance
2010 Winner All the way life Battle
2010 Winner Earn your stipes
2010 Winner Pro AM
2010 Finals at Bboy Summit LA
2010 Finals at Battle Swagger
2009 Winner Freestyle Session
2009 Finals B1 in Japan
2009 Competing at R16 in Korea
2007 Red Bull BC 1 Qualifier USA
2004 Winner Pro AM international France
2004 Quater-Finals Red Bull BC1 Switzerland
2001 Winner Bboy Summit LA
1998 Winner Battle of the Year in Germany
1998 Winner Rock Force VS the Family - first IBE ever
Winner Freestyle Session 2, 5 and 12
Final Battle the BBoy Masters Korea
Exhibition Battle vs Tells Miami - who can roast the most


2012 It's battle time - Taiwan
2012 Renegades 28th Anniversary

2011 Versus 4.0 Beta
2011 Funk and Break
2011 Soul Flavas Anniversary
2011 Red Bull BC1 Spain
2011 Hip Hop International Ukraine
2011 Greet in Styles SF
2010 Break Festival L.A.
2010 Headhunters
2008 Break for Tods

°Shows & Performances

2012 Circus Show San Francisco
2012 Ruby Sky Performance
2012 49ers Halftime Show with Sean Kingston
2012 49ers Halftime Show “Thriller”
2012 Performance for Man’s Wearhouse
2012 Performance at Nike marathon

2011 Performance for the SFO Terminal 2 Opening
2011 Performance for Zion I and the Grouch SF
2011 Performances for New Pickle Circus SF
2011 Perfoming for SF Warriors
2010 Perfmoning for the SF Orchestra
2010 City Circus Show "Echoe's Reach"
2010 Performing at Rock the School Bells
2010 Perfoming for SF Warriors
2009 City Circus Show "Kamikaze Heart"
2008 City Circus Show "96 Hours"
2008 Perfoming for SF Warriors
2007 Role of Merctio in SF fire ballet Cucible's Oakland
2007 Perfoming for SF Warriors

°Commercials, Tours & More

2012 Men's Wearhouse Commercial
2012 Ppos “Double Trouble” music video
2009 Ipod Nano Commercial
2006 Beat Riders Camp by Red Bull BC1
2002 - 2005 Memeber of the Tribal Bboy Team
Touring with KRS-1 & Kurtis Blow
since 2005 Gymnastic and Breakdance Teacher at Acro Sports SF
since 2004 Memeber of Renegades

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